7 Ways to Match the Unset Boulder Opal with Your Outfit

Looking to make a fashion statement with a precious unset boulder opal? Click here to learn to create an outfit that accentuates this precious jewellery.

You may laugh at us when we tell you that babies born in October are statistically proven more successful in corporate life and at a lower risk for asthma. The thing is, studies show that all these statements are true.

Many personality experts say that those who are born in October have similarities in how Opals represent. Surprisingly, they are more optimistic and rarely moody & anxious.

Just like October’s birthstone, expert gemstone specialists say that any unset boulder opal gemstone is radiant and playful just like the waves foaming and crashing on a sunny day. Whether you were born in March or not, this stone is a wardrobe must-have.

Still, you may be asking, how do you incorporate unset boulder opal seamlessly into your wardrobe? That’s where we come in. Read on to learn some ways to match this precious gemstone with the rest of your wardrobe and look amazing.

Glistening the Outfit with an Unset Boulder Opal

Gemstones such as the unset boulder opal worn alongside other pieces of jewellery always look great for your fashion. Professionals who invest in gemstone jewellery have found themselves glistened whenever they add an extra layer of accessory from their office attire.

The occasion does play an important role in selecting gemstone jewellery to match or contrast with your outfit. When on a fun trip you can carry off well with any coloured gemstone finger ring or earrings. Whereas while formal occasions, they need special preparation for selecting jewellery and gemstone types, as you know all eyes will be on you.

The simple gesture of wearing the outfit with the gemstone will help you to get the first look at your fashion presence. For trying out different outfits with jewellery, you can observe which combination makes you look and feel the best, go for it!

1. Coordinate Your Colors

Before you can put together any outfit, you need to understand how to coordinate colours. This means using colours that complement each other rather than those that clash. This is what will ultimately draw the entirety of an outfit together and make you look good.

White and black are still ruling in fashion and these coloured outfits never go wrong as white brings out the beauty of every coloured unset boulder opal gemstone. Matching gemstones jewellery with dress always works and many times contrasting colours work great for the final elite look.

Since the unset boulder opal has playful colours from darker to lighter shades, you’re going to need to get wardrobe items that go with it. According to fashion designers and celebrity stylists, the best colours to pair with it navy blue, midnight blue, lavender, aubergine, dusty rose, and peach. Consider looking around for blouses in these colours!

2. Spectacular Shapes

Most gemstones come in a variety of cuts and shapes, and the unset boulder opal is no exception. For this reason, you’re going to want to look for patterns that match the gemstone cuts on your favourite pieces of jewellery. You’re also going to want to get cuts of opal that go with the patterns on your pre-existing favourite blouses or purses.

For example, if you have a shirt you love that has teardrop shapes on it, consider getting a pear-shaped unset boulder opal. You want everything to go together, after all, that’s the common theme here!

As you choose spectacular shapes of opals, keep in mind that gemstones do not lose their value. Hence, make sure to source your gemstone by consulting an experienced gemologist from Opals Down Under to ensure that your little trinket is a masterpiece forever. 

3. Coordinate Within Jewellery Pieces

When choosing jewellery set with unset boulder opal gemstones, you’re going to want to make sure that the rest of the piece complements the stone. While yellow or rose gold looks great with other stones, the heat of these colours will clash with calm and cool shades of unset boulder opal. 

Instead, try incorporating clear or white diamonds (if you want other stones in the jewellery) as well as a silver or white-gold band. It’s important to note why natural gemstones like unset boulder opal retain and even grow in value.

Preferably, getting an expert opinion before purchasing here at Opals Down Under sounds like a good idea. Additionally, a certificate from a trusted gemological institute needs to be presented before purchase to safeguard from any sort of fraud.

4. Match Your Other Jewellery

If you’re going to wear other jewellery at the same time as your favourite aquamarine piece, that’s awesome! Just make sure that the colours of the various pieces you wear at once all complement each other.

Blue topaz goes well with blue-green coloured unset boulder opal because it’s a similar hue- just a bit darker. For example, you can get beautiful dangling earrings in blue topaz and wear them with an aquamarine ring or necklace.

Turquoise is also great if you want to have an all-blue ensemble. In fact, you can wear all three of these gemstones together! Purple and green also go well with unset boulder opal, so consider those colours as well.

Outfit Ideas

Now that you know the basics of how to match unset boulder opal with the rest of your ensembles, it’s time to discuss some of the outfits that can be greatly enhanced by this gemstone. Read on to learn some lovely and creative ways to wear the gorgeous March birthday stone!

5. Button Up Blouses

Button-up blouses are perfect for both formal and casual occasions. They also come in pretty much any hue you can think of, so it’s easy to find one in a colour that goes well with your unset boulder opal gemstone. Try a black or dark blue blouse to make your earrings or pendant pop.

From Opal Down Under’s selection of unset boulder opal, the precious stones come in a lot of shapes and cuts, so it’s a good idea to find buttons that match the shape of your favourite piece of jewellery. This will draw your outfit together in a way that it previously couldn’t have been.

6. Cute and Casual

Any unset boulder opal with a strong yet lighter shade is perky and fun while also being serene and calming. This makes it the perfect gemstone for casual events.

On a night out with your pals or on a first date, wearing an unset boulder opal gemstone shows that you’re simultaneously down to have a good time while also being mature when picking out fine jewellery.

Wearing opal jewellery in conjunction with a leather jacket or zippered skirt is a great way to show that you have both a fun and classy side. You can also wear it with sundresses during the summertime if you want to give off a beautiful beach-babe vibe.

7. Professional Pairings

Because it’s such a sophisticated and fashionable stone, any unset boulder opal is perfect for wearing into the workplace or to other business functions. Pairing your favourite opal jewellery with a power suit or a pencil skirt is the perfect way to add a feminine flair to your business outfit.

You want to be taken seriously in the workplace, of course, but this doesn’t need to happen at the expense of fashion and all self-expression. Consider a solid opal ring or pair of stud earrings as a daily office accessory.

Top 10 Best-Selling Unset Boulder Opal

Here are seven of the best-selling unset boulder opal jewellery from Opal Down Under’s premium selection.

Boulder Opal

Fiery Unset Boulder Opal

Dark and fiery, this little Boulder Opal packs a colourful punch, with a very cool pattern. Most jewellers love it for its intense shades that surely bring good luck to its owners. It may represent creativity that sparks from its wearer’s simple dedication to work and integrity.

Boulder Opal

Luminescent Unset Boulder Opal

The intergalactic-like colour and pattern in this mouth-dropping Boulder Opal make it almost luminescent. Women who wear this or add it to their jewellery box give an uplifting and positive mood. Early western civilization regards this colour of the stone as the heavenly prosperity of its owners.

Boulder Opal

Boulder Opal Wood Replacement

This interesting piece shows off the grain of prehistoric wood with a bright flash of opal. Opal Wood Replacement occurs when the wood fibre of the tree/branch has broken down, and the cavities have been filled with the opal solution over time. As one of the affordable selections of Unset Boulder Opal from Opals Down Under, it is one of the top-selling pieces from our collection.

Boulder Opal

Solid Box Unset Boulder Opal

You can pick your jaw off the floor after witnessing this stunner unset boulder opal jewellery. It consists of a beautiful pattern and colour combination in this Boulder Opal. Most owners call it nature’s art at its best.


Custom Solid Base Solid Boulder Opal

With its stunning purple and blue hues in this Boulder Opal carving and custom wood base, most of its owners consider this a good start when you decide to invest in gemstones. The base is wonderfully created and carved by artisan Michael Clark from Yowah which surely represents your love for art and nature.

Unset Boulder Opal

Ironstone Strip Unset Boulder Opal

As one of the latest arrivals from Opal Down Under’s collection, this uniquely insane Boulder Opal possesses so much colour and individuality. The ironstone strip inclusions in the face give it such an interesting appeal, especially to young professionals who regard this stone as their daily lucky charm.


Floral Ribbon Unset Boulder Opal

With its undulating surface cabochon, this Floral Ribbon Unset Boulder Opal is one of the 12 magnificent stones we cut from one larger Boulder Opal. The stunning blue, green, orange and yellow colours have attracted men and women who want to explore the world of gemstones. Currently, this precious stone is on a price reduction as we weed to make room in stock.

Unset Boulder Opal

Sparkling Multicolour Unset Boulder Opal

This fun-sized Boulder Opal’s ribbons of blue-green, with sparkles of multicolour at one end, is what makes it stand out from the selection. It has an approximate weight of 1.34ct, 6.6mm in width, and 8.5mm in length. Currently, this gemstone is under Opal Down Under’s latest arrivals on unset Australian opals.

Boulder Opal

Teardrop-shaped Unset Boulder Opal

This gemstone is best appreciated by its owners with its long and vibrant teardrop-shaped form. On its undulating surface, it boasts a nice blend of blues/greens and hints of yellows and orange. It takes the physical form of Floral Grass Broad Flash with opaque transparency and 4.27ct weight.

Boulder Opal

Heart Freeform Unset Boulder Opal

This amazing Boulder Opal gets the tick of approval from its owners and wearers so much that it is shaped like a heart and tick. Also, the Pinfire Floral Broad Flash Bright boasts sparkles of blue/green/orange in this stone with 14.71ct weight, 16.3mm width, and 23.8mm length.

Stay Stylish with an Unset Boulder Opal from Opals Down Under

While there are a lot of beautiful gemstones out there, the unset boulder opal truly does shine above the rest.

Now that you know how to assemble an outfit that uses opal gemstone as its heart and soul, it’s time to shop for jewellery as well as other gems that go with it. Click here to start shopping for the biggest sale items from Opals Down Under. Here, you can buy beautiful, high-quality jewellery at a very reasonable price.

Buying from a trusted vendor like Opals Down Under is the first step and it should be backed with running checks on credentials and history. As we have a fair knowledge of gemstones as our big advantage, we ensure that you are getting your money’s worth through our authenticity certifications.

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