8 Office Wear Jewellery Style Tips to Slay Your Professional Look

Office Wear Jewellery

Everyone who goes to the office from 9 am to 5 pm aspires to do their OOTDs (Outfit of the Day) from what’s trending on Instagram and Pinterest. But mounting too bright and dazzling office wear jewellery makes a lot of noise at work. For this reason, your business attire entails professionalism, but it doesn’t mean you can’t style yourself up.

If you’re seeking low-profile, trendy jewellery online, look no further. Many ladies have long considered pearl and diamond jewellery to be the best way to complement formal attire, however Opal is on the rise.

Reasons Why Women Should Use Office Wear Jewellery in the Workplace

There are several reasons why women should continue to wear jewellery during work hours.

1. Selling Point

Say you work in a jewellery store, what better way to showcase what your workplace has to offer? Modelling jewellery is a fantastic way for the customer to see how the necklace or earrings sit on the body, or how flashy or subtle a ring can be. A perfect form of advertising to reach those KPI’s!

2. Symbol of Femininity

As women all over the world fight for equality in many areas, it’s crucial to recognize and appreciate your femininity and womanhood in all of its splendour. Jewellery has always been associated with it, so wearing fine, elegant pieces to work may help you stay connected with your femininity.

3. Power Dress Ensemble

Who doesn’t want to appear powerful and self-assured at work? When done tastefully, jewellery may be an element of power dressing. Choose the correct jewellery to complement your power attire and you’ll feel energized and ready to take on any challenge at the workplace.

4. Investment

Jewellery is a really strong piece of clothing! Opals and gemstones are one type of precious jewellery that provide excellent investment returns. In reality, many corporate individuals purchase it as an investment. But, if you’re wanting to purchase one, why not wear it to work and make a statement?

5. Personality and Mood

Jewellery and accessories, like traditional clothes, reveal a lot about a person’s personality and mood. Sporting one with your work outfit helps you communicate your personality qualities. Some males change up their ties and socks to bright colours or designs, while ladies accessorize with unusual and amusing jewellery. Since work may be tedious at times, jewellery helps to lift your spirits to make you feel better about yourself and might even help you relax.

6. Astrology and Belief

People use jewellery for astrological purposes in many cultures and religions. Women in India and Southeast Asia in particular, wear jewellery for a variety of health and sentimental reasons. Wearing office wear jewellery makes perfect sense if you desire to explicitly express your belief while sporting a good work ensemble.

Best Office Jewellery Pieces to Wear this 2022

Choosing traditional pieces of everyday-wear jewellery to suit your wardrobe works remains a terrific choice to boost your business appearance. As we spend long hours inside an enclosed space, we keep our office wear jewellery simple to complement our look.

While we pay attention to fashion trends, we often overlook the fact that a woman’s dress as a business attire looks inadequate without an accessory piece to slay it. Here are some office wear jewellery must-haves to boost your style profile.

1. Stud Earrings

If you’re wearing a formal dress on a nice working day, stud earrings will complete your office ensemble. They will improve your professional appearance while also increasing your comfort because they will not be an unpleasant obstruction whatever you are doing.

Stud earrings with a single white stone are always sure to add a dash of glitz. To complete the outfit, pair it with a similar handbag.

White Opal Earrings

Solid White Opal Stud Earrings

Small stud earrings are ideal for taking phone conversations since they are incredibly comfy. If you’re wearing a peach-coloured blouse with a matching pencil skirt, add a pop of colour with these lovely gold plated stud earrings with Solid White Opal.

If you choose pastel-coloured tops or beige-coloured shirts or slacks to follow the trends, you can simply spice up your formal style with rose gold or platinum stud earrings with gemstones or Opals set in them. The bright floral stone combined with your pastel-coloured apparel will instantly give you an attractive and trendy appeal.

2. Dangle-Style Earrings

Your jewellery should be as understated as your formal ensemble. And if you believe Opal items are excessive, reconsider!

When it comes to office wear jewellery, the phrase “less is more” should be noted. With your traditional formal outfit, refined yet simple Opal Earrings will look fantastic.

Doublet Opal Earrings

White Gold Drop Earrings

The small inched-dangler earrings are ideal for your workplace since they are basic yet lovely. These office-appropriate earrings dangle down yet are so light that you won’t even notice they’re on your ears.

High ponytails look great with this elegant and brilliant piece of jewellery! Put on your favourite pumps and you’ll turn a lot of heads every time you go around.

3. Accented Pendants

In a conservative workplace, a long delicate chain with a gold or Opal necklace is more suited. Yellow Gold, Sterling Silver, Rose Gold and other metals are among the many options. With your outfit, a long and delicate chain for your necklace emphasizes the feminine mood while also adding a contemporary touch.

Crystal Opal Pendant

Diamond Accented Solid Opal Pendant

Rather than wearing a large neckpiece, go for a dainty gold chain or a diamond-accented necklace. Choosing such traditional jewellery gives the ensemble an air of refinement without calling excessive attention.

For a classy style, mix a formal shirt with jeans or a pencil skirt throughout the day and pair it with these spectacular diamond-accented pendants. Ensure your pendant is irresistibly alluring so you can feel secure in your outfit throughout the meeting. Stick to a basic attire that allows the diamond necklace on your chest to do all of the talking.

4. Braided Bracelet

Heavy and bulky bracelets might obstruct your work by restricting your hand motions, making it hard to type or jot down while on the job. When making hand movements while chatting with people, a little braided bracelet might make you feel at ease while still looking stunning.

However, bracelets that jingle and create noises can be bothersome and distracting to others so you should avoid wearing such distracting jewellery at work. We suggest wearing bracelets when your outfit is just above your elbow to not add weight to your hands.

White Opal Bracelet

Sterling Silver White Opal Bracelet

Large bracelets obstruct your hand motions and make it tough to type at work. Remember, your hand movements are necessary for a comfortable presentation and a successful lecture. Therefore, it’s best to avoid wearing a bracelet with tinkling bells because it will cause a lot of distraction for you and your coworkers.

Choosing this braided sterling silver bracelet with Solid White Opal is one of the best choices for your office wear jewellery. Most people are hesitant to wear office wear jewellery because of the cleaning and the risk of losing it at work. This carefully designed diamond bracelet fastens with a metal clasp, allowing you to relax and enjoy your pricey accessories without worrying about them.

5. Finger Ring

Rings come in a variety of styles, including stone rings, band rings, diamond rings, multi-stone rings, and so on. You may select a suitable ring based on your theme and clothing colours. A ring works as stylish office wear jewellery that goes with every outfit.

A beautiful Opal ring quickly gives you a wealthy and grandiose appearance. Pick a good single stone embedded on a finger-ring with a variety of colours that work well in the professional world, such as white, cream white, blue, pink, pastel, and so on, or for a more modern style, pick something with bright greens and blues.

White Opal Ring

Bright Diamond-Accented Crystal Opal Finger Ring

If you’re a fan of finger rings, you don’t have to stack them on all of your fingers; instead, go for this diamond-accented ring that gives a glamorous but authentic look. The little diamonds on each side of this ring’s design seems like a crown and makes a statement with your workplace attire.

For its distinctive style, this beautiful office wear jewellery receives a professional ensemble, especially when during presentation or work. It goes well with a plain gold bracelet or a timeless wristwatch if you want to complete your stylish appearance.

You may skip wearing other jewellery pieces like a necklace, earring, or bracelet if you have a huge stone embedded ring. Anyone who wears a Solid Crystal Opal eye-catching finger ring from Opals Down Under gives a classic and chic office style.

6. Multi-Stone Ring

Wearing a multi-stone ring further enhances the grace and grandeur of an amazingly maroon shirt with a grey-ish or balsamic pencil skirt and black jacket. A high waist pencil skirt alongside a pair of matching pump shoes, as well as this beautiful Opal jewellery, is more than enough to exude feminine allure.

Crystal Opal Ring

Solid Black and Boulder Opal Ring

Can’t make up your mind between Black or Boulder Opal? Why not do both? This ring uses both types of opal, in a very cool split band with diamonds. This piece of the office wears jewellery to complement this ensemble. When you opt to wear a matching ensemble with any multi-stone ring, you will look fantastic.

Black and Boulder Opal Ring

5-Stone Crystal Opal Ring

With its elegant and fiery look, this ‘London Bridge’ style ring has always been popular, showing 5 bright Crystal Opals. It has pieces of little diamond glistened all over its 14K White Gold metal setting. The floral broad flash pattern creates a romantic feel to keep your mood warm and joyful.

7. Split Band Ring

A piece of fashionable office wear jewellery looks great with any attire. Take note that a clever design incorporates praises from your workmates while you spend the day looking at your laptop. Hence, choose an accessory that allows you to appreciate the traditional office wear jewellery on your finger while distracting you from your task.

Boulder Opal Ring

Solid Boulder Opal Band Ring

This lovely split band ring with a vibrant blue/green colour on its Boulder Opal centre stone sends an elegant look while keeping a lowkey ensemble. The diamond highlights on each polar side of the ring complete the sophisticated appearance to charm your workmates.

If you look at this ring closely it has a pattern that will brighten your day. When placed on your finger, this basic design from Opals Down Under exudes grandeur. You won’t need to buy another ring since this one piece of complex jewellery may even change your poor mood into a pleasant one.

Black Opal Ring

Infinity Solid Black Opal Ring

With its classic style and modern flair, this mid-sized Solid Black Opal Ring has plenty of green and blue shining colours. Its infinity sign-like metal setting is made of 14K Yellow Gold that surely creates an aesthetic impact on your hands during work while being comfortable.

8. Face Watch

The wristwatch is, without a question, a must-have in the wardrobe of the most successful executives. Women and men who invest in watches are seen as more organized, trustworthy, and professional in the workplace. Wearing fine watches for the sake of distinction, whether professionally or individually, is a time-honoured tradition.

Sporting a watch demonstrates that you are responsible and well-organized. It also helps you look trustworthy and shows that you appreciate your time and money. These are some of the things that people notice about you if you go for an appointment or a meeting.

Opal Face Watch

Doublet Opal Face Watch

This Alexander Dauvin Opal Face Watch is part of the Swiss Movement collection that suits ladies perfectly. With a 28mm face and mesh band, this wrist timepiece is extremely adaptable to work conditions and useful in any event after office hours. Definitely, it’s appropriate for any day and any event to show off your own style and personality.

It has a two-year manufacturer’s warranty with a 3-metre water-resistant feature. Based on Opal Down Under‘s previous clients, professionals who carry wristwatches arrive much earlier than those who do not. So, make the effort to choose high-quality watches like this Doublet Opal Face Watch that’s designed for successful business people and professionals.

Opal Down Under’s Office Wear Jewellery Should Be Your Top Choice!

Whatever office wear jewellery you choose, bear in mind that it should not be a burden during work hours and a disturbance to yourself while carrying out your tasks. We highly suggest avoiding wearing jewellery that makes sounds or gets trapped in your hair or clothing.

Otherwise, choose jewellery that is both unique and stylish that gives a comfy and hassle-free. As far as office wear jewellery goes, jingly bracelets and stacked necklaces are not ideal. Instead, look for easy-to-wear, minimal office wear jewellery just like what we have suggested above from Opals Down Under‘s wide selection.

Our top selection includes incredible gem-grade Opals and carefully created, stunning pieces of wearable art. You can select from office wear statement pieces, indulging accessories, and phenomenal jewellery.

What are your thoughts on office-appropriate jewellery? Do you use the same jewellery to work or do you roll up your sleeves with something different? In the comments section below, tell us about your experiences with office wear jewellery.