Australian Opal Jewellery for Sale

Opal jewellery is undeniably upscale and elegant, with its spellbinding play of colour. We’ve made a tremendous effort to assemble Australia’s most impressive accumulation of natural opal gemstone jewellery. Our genuine opal jewellery offers a spectacularly mesmeric assortment of the highest-quality opal rings, pendants, bangles, bracelets, earrings, and watches.

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Wide Selection of Traditional & Modern Opal Jewellery

Our collection comprises numerous traditional pieces as well as many items of modern opal jewellery, satisfying diverse preferences and budgets. From beautifully crafted solid crystal opal earrings made from 14k yellow gold with a teardrop shape and floral pattern to solid black opal bracelets, contemporary boulder opal pendants, and opal-faced watches, Opals Down Under possess the definitive collection of traditional and contemporary opal jewellery.

Buy Opal Jewellery with Unique, Hand Picked Australian Opals!

Our Director and Opal Artist, Scott Coggan, has over 35 years of experience and is widely regarded as the industry’s leading opal cutter. He is also well acquainted with many of the top opal miners in Australia, giving us access to the best gemstones, which we craft into our breathtaking opal jewelry.

If you want to buy opal jewellery online, our beautiful and meticulously curated collection uses the finest hand-picked Australian opals. From a simple contemporary white gold ring with a solid black opal to an elegant flower-style opal pendant with diamond highlights, our fine opal jewellery offers buyers a unique and unmatched choice.

Discover a Stunning Range of Contemporary Opal Jewellery Online

The contemporary opal jewellery at Opals Down Under delivers an unbelievable range of styles and price points to satisfy diverse buyer demands. Solid opal jewellery offers a radiance and lustre absent from many other gemstones, and with precious opal rarity, demand is high. But we have curated an online store of modern opal jewellery that caters for everyone. With opal pendants costing from a few hundred dollars to 15K plus, earrings from under $100 going up to 30K, and bracelets from $200 to over 5K, our range is extensive, jaw-dropping, and we’ve got something to fit everyone’s style preference and budget.

Genuine Opal Jewellery for Sale with Full-Money Back Guarantee!

Whether you buy black, white, crystal, or boulder opal jewellery online from Opals Down Under, you can buy it with complete confidence, knowing you’re purchasing the real deal. We sell our opal jewelry at highly competitive prices, not tourist prices, to ensure our customers receive maximum value for money on top-quality Australian opal jewellery.

However, if you purchase our high-end or lower end opal jewellery online and are not 100% satisfied, you’ll receive a full refund within 30 days of making your purchase.* (T&C’s apply). We firmly believe our opal stone jewellery is the best on the market, and we back that up with our money-back guarantee.

All Our Opal Gemstone Jewellery Comes with a Signed Certificate of Authenticity!

With each purchase of natural opal jewellery, you’ll receive a signed certificate of authenticity, a photograph of your new opal stone jewellery, and a comprehensive classification analysis. Your certificate will be a passport or ID card for your opal jewellery in Australia. Online purchases are 100% genuine with Opals Down Under, and we are members of the Jewellery Association of Australia (JAA). We adhere to stringent compliance standards, which guarantee quality and expertise. Whether you’re buying silver opal jewellery or solid opal jewellery, you can do so confidently with us here at Opals Down Under.

Buy Opal Jewellery Online with Free Worldwide Delivery!

If you’ve browsed our online store and found the perfect piece among our opal engagement rings, or you’ve seen your dream piece of opal jewellery, but you’re not in Australia, no problem! We’re specialists in acquiring, cutting, and polishing these stunning gemstones, and we believe everyone should have access to the best opal jewellery.

Because of this belief, our opal jewellery in Australia online is available with free worldwide shipping on orders over AUD$300 EX GST. This shipping service makes the purchasing process of our fine opal jewellery even more valuable for our customers, so you can get yourself certified, high-quality, beautifully crafted Australian opal jewellery from whatever corner of the world you live in.

Speak to Our Australian Opal Jewellery Experts Today!

If you’re in the market to purchase Australian opal jewellery and would like expert advice and guidance, our experts are on hand to help. Buying natural opal jewellery is a significant decision, and you want to buy with confidence, knowing you’re getting the best value genuine opal jewellery. Please speak to our team today and begin your buying journey with Opals Down Under!

Opal Jewellery Australia FAQs

How should I care for my Australian opal jewellery?

If you’ve purchased opal gemstone jewellery from us, feel free to come in, and we’ll happily clean and polish your item for free. If you bought your opal jewellery in Australia online, visiting us may not be an option; you can clean your solid opal using water and a mild detergent. Once clean, polish it with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid the temptation of using oils or creams, as these have no positive effect and, over time, will actually dull the finish of opal stone jewellery.

Do you sell natural opal jewellery?

Opals Down Under specializes in natural opal jewellery and has become an industry leader in Australia over the past four decades. All the solid opal jewellery we offer in our store is naturally and ethically sourced.

Do you offer any affordable opal jewellery pieces?

We offer affordable opal jewellery at Opals Down Under, and our pieces start at under $100. Opal is extremely rare, and its value can easily reach tens of thousands of dollars for a pair of earrings or a pendant. We have an extensive collection of Australian opal jewellery with a wide price range to suit diverse budgets.

Why does Opals Down Under offer the best opal jewellery in Australia?

Opals Down Under began operating in the 1980s and then started selling the best opal jewellery online in the country in 2003. Our director and opal artisan, Scott Coggan, has spent decades becoming the industry’s most renowned cutter and polisher. We also purchase our gemstones directly from the mines, cutting out any third parties, enabling us to offer incredible quality at super prices. We also support our Australian opal jewellery sales with fantastic customer service skills, exceptional product knowledge, and an impeccable reputation.

Can I buy any silver opal jewellery from your website?

Absolutely! When many people start searching for a piece of jewellery online, they try search terms like ‘silver opal jewellery near me’ or something similar. But top-quality opal jewellery dealers aren’t on every street corner, and you may need to look further afield. With Opals Down Under, you can find a selection of breathtaking silver opal jewellery on our website that comes with free worldwide delivery and a 30-day money-back guarantee.*