Using Opal in Men’s Rings

Here at ODU, we are always creating amazing custom settings for our clients; breathtaking pendants, earrings, dress rings, and of course, Engagement Rings, all featuring stunning Australian Opal cut here, on site.

One of the comments we do hear from time to time is ‘Where are your Men’s rings?’.

Good question.

Firstly, it is quite difficult to predict what type of style clients are wanting in a Men’s ring. ODU like to push the boundaries a little when it comes to design, but a lot of men tend to play it safe when it comes to the design aspect.

Also, Men’s finger sizes vary considerably, which can be tricky if we keep a ring in an ‘average’ size in stock, as resizing from a size R (US size 9) to a size Z (US size 13) can be quite costly, and will reshape the ring.

Not to forget that Opal, being a relatively softer stone, and Men, being generally rough with their hands, aren’t exactly the best combination.  However, a protective setting, where the surrounding precious metal acts as a ‘bullbar’ of sorts, to protect the stone from potential damage.

What we prefer to do, is have our clients design a ring that will suit their requirements.

So, here’s a few points to think about –

1. DO NOT choose an Inlay Ring for a Men’s Ring.  (Unsure what an Inlay Ring is? Read this article here).  They’re too fragile, and we can pretty much guarantee that the ring will be in for repairs within a month.

2. If you (or the man you are buying this for) do a lot of manual work, then maybe rethink the Opal Ring as an everyday ring.  If you’re an office worker (or along those lines), then an everyday Opal Ring will be fine.  Not so much for the mechanic… Sorry, buddy, but that ring will have to be a dress ring.

3. DO choose a sturdy, protective setting for the stone.  The more protection for the stone, the better.

4. DO consider perhaps choosing Boulder Opal over the other types of opal, as they are slightly more durable (due to the natural Ironstone host rock that is still attached to the opal).

5. DO remember that men’s rings generally require more precious metal, and therefore will be more expensive to make.

We hope that helps with your decisions.  If you have any further questions, why not drop us a line at [email protected]?