2022’s Best Wedding Jewellery: How to Choose ‘The One’ for Your Wedding Day

Best Wedding Jewellery

Best wishes! You’re still about to find ‘The One’. Not your ‘future another half’, ‘soon-to-be husband’, or your beautiful wedding dress. But a piece of jewellery that’s going to adorn you on your most memorable day as a woman. Surely, what’s left for your bucket list is to glam up your matrimonial gown with the best wedding jewellery this 2022.

While choosing jewellery may be equally difficult in deciding which gown colour and style for your most awaited day, choosing ‘The One’ from a grace-filled selection eases up your search. We all want the most shining and elegant piece on that day while being mindful of your personal touch to be the most beautiful bride.

On this blog, we’ll give you the best tips on how to choose ‘The One’ as your best wedding jewellery. We’ll also highlight some of the most glamorous jewellery pieces to complement your joy and excitement on the most romantic day of your life.

Choosing the Best Wedding Jewellery this 2022

All jewellery and accessories that you wear on your wedding day give a warm touch to your chosen attire. Remember, the look that you’ll be on this day will be remembered for decades so you have to take the best advice from experts and decide based on your instincts and your ‘bridal vision’.

Here are some of the best tips on how to choose the best wedding jewellery if your matrimony day falls within any day in 2022:

Determine your comfort zone and then push yourself beyond it.

While it’s likely that you’ll wear a wedding gown in your life, chances are you’re more acquainted with jewellery. Let your wedding appearance be based on what you know fits and what you get most secure with. We suggest not to utilize your wedding day as if it’s your first time to wear a bold earring or a shiny necklace.

Instead, pay attention to the things that make you feel most at ease and take them up a notch. Isn’t it true that you should never leave the house without a piece of accessory? Look for a more sophisticated version that includes many stones.

Are you a lover of a delicious and sweet candy stack? Two glitzier bracelets, rings, or bangles of the same style should be layered together. Another option is to recall ensembles you’ve dressed and loved for previous formal events, such as other people’s weddings, and select your best wedding jewellery in the same style.

Don’t mind your matching engagement and wedding rings.

Because you’ll be wearing your engagement and wedding rings every day of your marriage, they should already represent the unique style you’ll want to copy in the remaining theme of your wedding jewellery. Accessories don’t have to match precisely though.

You don’t have to wear emerald earrings with a diamond gemstone just because you have an emerald-cut engagement ring. Take note that metals don’t have to match exactly either. Even if your engagement ring is made of platinum, you may include gold-based accessories in your wedding day ensemble.

Simply be deliberate in your selections. The more diverse your look is on your wedding day means that you are ready to be the best partner for your other half regardless of many tough situations in the future.

Incorporate meaningful and cherished jewellery from the start.

While jewellery is an excellent way to include “something inherited,” you don’t want your mother’s pearls or your beloved aunt’s bangles to appear like relics of the past. If you have a certain item in mind that’s being passed down to you that you know you’ll want to wear, we recommend bringing it with you when you go dress shopping so there’s no chance it won’t match.

Consider working with a jeweler to rebuild an heirloom item into something more in sync with your unique taste if it’s being passed down to you on your wedding day (especially if you’re not borrowing it). Wear it on your wedding day, then pull it out again for important occasions—or even daily wear—to rekindle the memories.

Trends aren’t immune to the wedding industry, and there’s no shame in adopting the ones that genuinely speak to you. In reality, chasing a style that doesn’t come naturally for you just because it’s all over social media is part of the charm! That said, don’t pursue a look that doesn’t make sense for you just because it’s a trending look across social media users.

Trends come and just go, but your wedding images will endure a lifetime. So, rather than consider what you saw on Pinterest wearing this, it’s more essential to make judgments depending on individual style and sentimental reasons. So, you can look back and say, ‘Those things actually meant everything to me.’

Recognize that ‘Mum may not always be right’.

Members of the family coming from different age groups have different notions about how you should get ready for your wedding day. Going formal may conjure up images of wearing a necklace for most mothers, but these days it’s all about the standout earring.

For most wedding stylists, the décolletage is such a lovely place on a woman’s body that you don’t need to adorn it anymore. All of this is to say: don’t feel obligated to buy anything simply because someone older than you believes you should.

Choose a necklace that complements your neckline.

If you’re planning to choose a necklace, we recommend that you choose one that matches the neckline of your gown. With a pendant, V-necks work best; chokers and statement necklaces work best with sleeveless and sweetheart necklines.

If there is flesh exposed, the necklace should rest on your skin, not the gown, regardless of the neckline. Always look for the best wedding jewellery that complements both your look and your attire.

Allow your veil to be the center of attention.

In photography, experts say that there must be a focal point. This works the same in your wedding look. Select the best frosting if your outfit is the cake.

If your veil is crafted with appliqués, texture, style, or elaboration, keep your jewellery basic. Make sure to keep your veil in the spotlight so choose wedding jewellery for your face that takes the second place of attention among the goers.

Switch and reorganize your wedding dress and your jewellery during the day.

The jewellery you choose for your wedding ceremony does not have to be the same as the jewellery you choose for the rest of the day. Switch into some sparkling pieces for the reception if your dramatic veil prevents you from carrying statement earrings.

If you can’t wear bracelets because of your lengthy bolero or dress topper, load your arms with bangles when you take them off. Though you could wear a whole new second dress for the reception, doing an accessory change is a more cost-effective option that still works for the intended different look.

Wedding Jewellery Inspiration & Ideas

Still unsure where to start when it comes to picking out ‘The One’ best wedding jewellery? Here are a few broad ideas to get you started on your search.

Trendy and Chic Style Wedding Jewellery

Rules have been rewritten in the last year. People are becoming more intimate, creative, and emotive, and standard options are being abandoned. Rather than focusing purely on aesthetics when it comes to apparel and jewellery, more brides are emphasizing supporting local designers, purchasing with firms that share their beliefs, or restoring heritage items for a more realistic solution.


Gold-Plated Solid Opal Earrings

The small stud earrings are the current real deal in popular weddings across Australia. High ponytails look great with this elegant and brilliant piece of jewellery! Put on your favourite heels and you’ll turn a lot of heads when you walk down the aisle for your wedding.

Based on some of Opal Down Under’s most trending weddings of 2021, there are a lot of headbands on display. It’s a fun, new technique to make a floral crown or tiara. Another stylish concept? A splash of black, especially in the form of a ribbon or silk satin hair bow.

Classic/Traditional Wedding Jewellery

Nothing says “classic” to a woman’s most awaited day like Crystal Opal Pendant or Solid White Opal earrings. These are classic jewels that will look just as lovely now as they would become in the next 25 years.

Solid Crystal Opal Pendant

The gorgeous and vibrant blue-green tones in this Solid Crystal Opal Pendant are set into a modern contemporary 9K Yellow Gold metal. With its floral broad flash pattern and translucent look, it surely gives a traditional adornment on your wedding day that will remind you how beautiful you are on your wedding day even when years have passed.

Solid Crystal Opal Earrings

This stunning Crystal Opal pair in a claw-set style compliments your classic white gown on your wedding day. Its diamond highlights give a bright accent on your beautiful face set in an 18K Yellow Gold metal.

Romantic Wedding Jewellery

Choose a piece with a lot of fluidity or flowery features. Wearing wedding jewellery with a floral design gives a romantic theme to your look during your best day ever. If you prefer to have a garden or vineyard wedding, an etched metal with a leaf or vine, replete with stones in the middle of the flower buds, would look stunning.


Floral Solid Crystal Opal Earrings

The glamorous flower design of these Solid Crystal Opal Earrings absolutely resembles your flourishing mood on your wedding day. With its Cubic Zirconia centre stone, these stud earrings will shine on your ‘soon-to-be husband’s eyes’ as you walk down the aisle.

Solid Black Opal Pendant

A simple, bright necklace will turn heads, whilst still maintaining a simple and sleek look. This mesmerising Black Opal Necklace set in 14K Yellow Gold is the perfect choice to add a little colour on your big day. The blue-green gemstone colour will make your look even more irresistible to your other half.

Movie-inspired Wedding Jewellery

Take a page from Old Hollywood: glitter is important, but don’t go overboard. Choose one item of jewellery like Opal Down Under‘s Solid White Opal Bracelet to be the star of the show, while other accessories will serve as supporting roles.

White Opal Bracelet

Sterling Silver White Opal Bracelet

Glittering with shine on your hands while your future husband puts the ring on your finger, this Sterling Silver White Opal Bracelet undeniably gives a Hollywood vibe. Its woven metal features how beautiful your life becomes during your married life as you weave memories with your partner!

White Gold Australian Sapphire Slider Necklace

White Gold Australian Sapphire Slider Necklace

With its stunning and classic slider-style pendant, this necklace is best suited to an ultra-thin short chain that goes on top of your wedding gown. Everyone who will be invited on your wedding day will confidently stare at you during the reception or afterparty.

Boho Style Wedding Jewellery

Choose items with textured, interwoven, or braided motifs. Say hello to more organically formed gemstones from Opals Down Under! Nothing is more organic if you choose gold-plated jewellery or heavy gemstones for your pendant aren’t bad either for this look.

White Opal Bracelet

Gold-Plated Braide White Opal Bracelet

Stay authentic and organic by wearing this Solid White Opal Bracelet with its special Gold-Plated Sterling Silver braid. Also, this jewellery can be worn every day even after your wedding day so you can relive the wonderful memories of your wedding day.

Doublet Opal Earrings

As part of Opals Down Under’s latest arrival collection, these White-Gold Doublet Opal Earrings emphasize an Opal that shines bright as you glide down the aisle. Set in 14K White Gold, they are a great match to your wedding dress.

Find Your ‘The One’ Best Wedding Jewellery from Opals Down Under this 2022!

You may have found your ideal wedding gown, but that doesn’t mean you’re through planning your overall appearance. Whether you go for a more modest and minimalist design or something more eye-catching, a wedding necklace, bangles, or earrings may be the ideal item to give a little more shimmer and shine.

However, choosing the best wedding jewellery as ‘The One’ may be difficult since there are so many selections available that will give the bride a hard time choosing the correct one. To simplify the task, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most stunning jewellery that is currently available with Opals Down Under.

Whatever selection you choose from our shop, remember that the proper piece will complete your ensemble perfectly. Look for ‘The One’ that works with your gown, your wedding theme, and the accessories you’ll wear.

Whether it’s a special gift, an engagement ring to fall in love with, or a piece of jewellery uniquely for you, Opals Down Under is here to create something great. Our expert award-winning jewelers specialise in crafting quality Opal settings to give you the best look on your wedding day. Haven’t found ‘The One’ on our website? Contact us today to create a custom piece specially crafted for you