15 Jewellery Style Tips for All Women in Any Occasion this 2022

For ladies who enjoy collecting trendsetting items to compliment their style, jewellery is akin to a treasure. However, every time they go out for an occasion, they become quite worried about the best jewellery style tips on how to pair their chosen outfit to their preferred jewellery items.

You may have an overwhelming jewellery collection full of things you love, but you’re not sure where to begin. Or maybe you’re just unsure about which things to buy that will complement each other and work for you.

Believe it or not, we’ve all been in that situation. We all have a hard time mixing and matching our beloved accessories to the outfit we need to wear for that occasion along with our physical features.

Jewellery Style Tips: Wear the Look and Glam for the Occasion

How do you consider selecting and styling jewellery to compliment yourself and your wardrobe? Without being dull, how can you make the most of your jewellery collection? Sometimes the answers aren’t evident.

Don’t fret, as we’ve compiled a list of our top 15 jewellery style tips to help you look your best.

Woman Jewellery Style Tips

1. Choose the Focus of Your Today’s Overall Outfit

Before getting ready, consider this question: what do you want your outfit’s focal point to be?

With the correct jewellery and accessories, simple or even dull clothing can almost always be converted into something extraordinary. You may pick statement jewellery to bring a plain outfit to life, or you can mix and match for a more layered style.

If you’re wearing vibrant attire, though, smaller, more modest jewellery items are typically a fantastic choice as accents.

The greatest suggestion from our jewellery style tips is to decide what works best for you and go with it. Your goal should always be to dress in a way that makes you feel at ease and confident.

2. Decide on Your Jewellery’s Impact on the Occasion

If you’re dressed up for something spectacular, where do you want people’s gazes to be drawn?

So, if you decide to wear jewellery that’s meant to grab attention, it’s typically ideal to concentrate the visual focus on one body part: the neck, ears, hands, and so on.

For example, if you’re wearing a statement necklace, go for more subdued rings and earrings. Alternatively, you could simply leave them out.

Here at Opals Down Under, we suggest that you need to determine the focal focus of your outfit. And, make certain that additional accessories and apparel do not distract from it.

3. Mix and Match What’s Available on Your Wardrobe

Boosting your wardrobe through experimentation might be a pleasant thing to do when you have some free time.

Put on basic clothing and experiment with various pieces of jewellery and other accessories from your collection in front of a mirror. Experiment with different pairings of jewellery designs you might not normally pair together, as well as different accessories such as scarves, handbags, and watches.

Mix, match, stack, and layer your way to a single focal point with a statement piece. Continue to experiment with different pairings and focal points.

You’ll be surprised at what you can do to change up the look of even the most basic clothing. And after you’re done with one costume, change into another and start all over again.

Consider the sorts of jewellery that will expand and add interest and depth to your clothing. Or, go shopping if you don’t have a lot of jewellery or your collection isn’t particularly diversified.

Isn’t it wonderful to have an excuse to get oneself some glitzy items? Browing our selection at Opal Down Under is a nice way to start your mix and match journey on your wardrobe from our jewellery style tips.

4. Remember: You are Not a Slave to Trends.

We’ve all known someone who is a fashion slave to an unhealthy degree. Trends have an impact on what we wear to some extent, which is OK.

However, slavishly the following fashion at the expense of your own taste and individuality is never a smart idea. You’ll become disoriented. Oh, and it’s also rather costly!

Instead, work on developing and refining your own personal style that suits you and makes you feel confident. That may or may not be popular right now or in the future, but if you own it, I’m confident you’ll be alright.

Always consider what compliments your skin tone, frame, and overall sense of style when selecting jewellery to wear. When accessorizing, keep all of these aspects in mind.

Remember to include your individuality. We’re all unique, and your personality should be reflected in the jewellery you pick and how you show yourself in general.

5. Mount Sentimental Jewellery on Top of Your Outfit

Do you have any significant jewellery that you wear on a regular basis? I’m sure many of us, including myself, do. But how do they work with a well-dressed ensemble?

You don’t have to wear something sentimental every day just because it’s sentimental (wedding and engagement rings aside, generally). Consider how you’d feel if you didn’t have to wear a certain item every day, and whether or not that’s an option for you.

Consider how you may combine sentimental jewellery with other pieces to offer interest and variation to your style if you choose to wear one or more sentimental items all or most of the time.

If it’s a necklace, consider choosing a longer or adjustable chain so that it may be worn underneath garments if the remainder of your outfit isn’t a match. If necessary, rings can be worn on a chain and hidden beneath clothing.

6. Accessorise Your Clothing with Various Jewellery Style Tips (Not Vice Versa)

It seems simple enough to compliment your attire, doesn’t it? Consider what thing you’d most want to wear to wherever you’re going before you start dressing.

You could decide that you really want to wear a certain piece of jewellery to an event, in which case you should coordinate your dress and other accessories accordingly. Alternatively, you might choose your dress first and then match your jewellery and accessories to it.

Woman Wearing Layered Jewellery Style Tips
Silver Bracelets Jewelry Jewellery Bracelet Gold

7. Layer Your Look with Rings, Necklaces, and Bangles

Why not begin with something lighthearted? Play with various lengths, forms, textures, and colours when layering rings, necklaces, bracelets, and even earrings to create attractive layers.

If you’re stacking necklaces, choose lengths that pull the attention up to your face. Different forms, colours, and textures are frequently effective.

You can very much make an arm party with different bangles and bracelets that sparkle and jangle as you move. Rings may be combined, matched, and stacked in a variety of ways; for inspiration, go through our stacking rings and cocktail rings available on our website.

Layering and stacking are simple. Simply acquire a variety of necklaces and pendants of various lengths, textures, and styles and experiment with different combinations to discover what works.

We remind all existing clients of Opal Down Under to make a list of their favourite combos so they can recall them later. Wash, rinse, & repeat with different types of jewellery to enhance your layering game.

8. Pick a Complimenting Style of Earrings to Your Face Shape

In a single sweep of the eye, earrings switch your plain-looking outfit into a gorgeous one. They may draw attention to your facial features by adding vibrant colours and individuality to your entire attire.

When your earring doesn’t compliment your face shape, though, it might be a mistake. As a result, it’s critical to select earrings that compliment your face shape.

Here’s a simple earring buying guide for all the lovely faces out there to help you find the perfect pair of earrings.

a. Oval Face

Ladies with oval faces have a lot of alternatives for what to wear and how to play with them. They are fortunate because they can effortlessly wear any kind of earring.

Such ladies have incredibly adaptable features that may be paired with practically any form of jewellery, including hoop earrings, danglers, and even massive Black Opal studs. So go ahead and experiment!

b. Round Face

The jawline and forehead of a rounded face are narrow, but the cheeks are larger. These faces are circular.

Women with rounded features could use teardrop or hanging earrings to give their faces a stretched appearance. Earrings with a long and sleek design are suitable for ladies with this sort of face.

c. Square Face

From the cheekbone to the jawline and the forehead, square faces do not narrow greatly. The forehead, cheekbones, and jawline of such ladies are all aligned in the same direction.

Earrings with a round form will look best on a square-shaped face. Whether they’re oversized round hoops or round-shaped earrings, these earrings will undoubtedly complement and soften the natural characteristics of your face.

d. Heart-Shaped Shape Face

The forehead is much larger than the cheekbone, and the cheekbone follows a short line down to the jawline in a heart-shaped face.

As a result, they need earrings that are bigger at the bottom and narrower at the top to balance out their facial characteristics. Teardrop-shaped danglers with extended curves should be in your wardrobe to match your general facial structure.

e. Diamond Face

Diamond-faced women are incredibly fortunate to have high cheekbones. Such features have a smaller chin and forehead than their cheekbones. Wearing large earrings will assist to balance out your features.

On such faces, earrings with a delicate drop and clean lines look great. You may experiment with a variety of earring styles that are both fantastic and classy.

After determining which shape suits your face, check our Black Opals Earring Collection to spice up your outfit.

9. Alter Your Earrings Depending on the Event (Not the Outfit)

It’s all too simple to wear the same set of stud earrings for weeks on end if you have pierced ears. Or perhaps you seldom ever update them.

Changing your earrings, on the other hand, is a terrific way to add intrigue and flair to your appearance daily. It’s also an excellent time to clean your favourite pair of earrings!

You may easily alter your appearance by wearing a range of little stud earrings daily. Alternatively, depending on your clothing, dangling earrings might offer some shine and movement.

Searching through your jewellery collection to see what you haven’t worn in a while is a smart place to start. You may also add some diversity and interest to your jewellery collection by purchasing fresh pairs of earrings that strike your eye.

Opals Down Under offers the best earring collection that compliments your personality and style. Choose from our selection and be amazed at how we can bring elegance to your outfit.

Black Opals Jewellery Style Tips

10. Experiment with Classic Black Opal Pendant Jewelleries

Once it was seen as a fashion sin to mix different colours of stones on your ring, pendant, or necklace jewellery. Most people really didn’t understand as they were unaware of its beauty.

Luckily, that’s no longer the case. According to the Australian fashion police: there’s no need to use all silver jewellery, pure gold jewellery, or all rose gold jewellery on meaningful occasions.

So, think about necklaces with pendants with Black Opal stones which contrast with the colour of the chain they are attached to. You can also choose rings, layered necklaces, or bangles with Black Opal to add vibrant interest and class to your outfit.

11. Be Versatile on the Choice of Your Rings and Stack It

Wearing rings on your fingers, according to an old nursery song, implies you’ll have music everywhere you go. This is a true tale.

Particularly, those rings with precious stones such as Black Opal provide your outfit with a lot of variety because you can mix and match them to create a little different appearance every day. On certain days, you might opt for a more minimalist aesthetic by wearing only one or two plain stacking rings.

Consider wearing a set of matching rings or a combination of colours, textures, and jewels. If you’re wearing numerous rings, the general opinion appears to be that each hand should have no more than one cocktail ring.

Wearing an odd number of rings on one hand and an even number of rings on the other is also a good idea. However, why not deviate from the jewellery guidelines as you see fit? After all, that’s why they’re there!

12. Define Your Neckline with a Matching Necklace

Unless it’s a meaningful piece that you’d rather keep concealed, your necklace or pendant should be visible and complement your attire.

For example, if you’re wearing a low V-necked top, a pendant hung in the V over your cleavage will look fantastic. Over higher collared and crew-necked garments, a lengthy necklace will look fantastic. With a scoop or other rounded necklines, a circular necklace looks great.

Luckily, necklaces, pendants, and chains for ladies may be found from Opal Down Under’s jewellery collection. It gives you a sense of how each length will look on a woman’s body.

But keep in mind that we’re all various shapes and sizes, so if you’re not sure, measure yourself in front of a mirror to discover what would work best for you.

When it comes to jewellery, you should always examine what works best for you: your own personal style, build, colouring, and so on. And we love it when folks defy jewellery ‘rules’ how they see fit!

Standard necklaces for women have a length typically ranging from 45 cm or 18″ below. In most scenarios, this is likely to be your go-to length if you’re searching for a necklace or pendant to wear every day.

For lower-cut clothes, the length of necklaces usually sits over the neckline, or the top of crew-necked and other high-necked garments. If you wear a pendant at this length, it will form a lovely V shape around your neck, framing your face.

To get a similar appearance if you are tall or have a wider frame, use a matinee-length necklace that typically ranges from 55cm or 22″ above.

Add jewellery to your daily routine when you want to add a little confetti. We are fortunate to have another day and another opportunity to shine.

13. Don’t Overdo Our Jewellery Style Tips and Know When to Stop

If anything is worth doing, it is also worth overdoing. When anything is going too far, everyone must know when to stop. While it’s wonderful to explore and create something unique by adding diverse intriguing jewellery pieces, you must also recognize when enough is enough.

If you’re using layered necklaces or a statement necklace to bring attention to your face and neckline, you may not need an armful of bangles jostling for attention.

Alternatively, if you’re wearing a strong set of statement earrings, your necklace might be more understated or even absent (on the other hand, a bold pair of earrings with a matching necklace can sometimes work beautifully).

If you wear a pair of glitzy danglers, you may be able to avoid wearing a necklace that makes you look cumbersome or cluttered. If you’re getting ready for a casual or workplace meeting, a striking chain necklace with matching studs or hoops might look great.

Consider looking at yourself again if you’ve accessorized many things. Look in the mirror before leaving the house and remove one accessory.

14. Match the Bold & Printed with a Basic Piece

Many women believe that if you’re wearing a strong dress, you should mix it with plain and basic jewellery to prevent being cluttered. While this is a good guideline to remember, it isn’t always applicable.

Experimenting with mixing a strong dress with flashy jewellery may sometimes be successful. It may also be disastrous at times. You should be willing to experiment with different appearances; don’t be afraid to try anything new or you can lose out on something amazing.

If you’re wearing a vividly patterned dress with a big necklace or dangly earrings, make sure the items’ shapes and colours complement each other. Doing it prevents a jagged, thrown-together effect on your style.

When it comes to matching jewellery with clothing, many people overlook the fact that the shape of your earrings or necklace should match the shape of the pattern on your garments. Only use this advice if you’re wearing a blouse or dress with a bold design or pattern.

Hence, wear necklaces and earrings with pendants in the shape of the design on your garment. Pairing angled stripes on a dress with circular hoop earrings, for example, is a no-no.

15. Polish Your Jewellery Regularly & Store It Nicely

Many jewellery users forget about cleaning their jewellery. Regular cleaning will significantly improve the appearance of your jewellery and your overall appearance.

Look closely at the jewellery you wear frequently or that has been sitting unused for a while. You will probably find that it’s dirty, dull, and far from its gleaming finest.

You shouldn’t forget to clean your clothing. So, don’t forget to clean your jewellery, which is just as ‘up close and personal.’

Always remember that most jewellery is fragile in some manner. Jewellery cleaning cloths are generally the safest option to remove tarnish from your precious metal jewellery.

Jewellery should never be rubbed against each other, other types of metal, gemstones, or any other rough surfaces since this can cause scratching and wear. Also, they should never be subjected to excessive force or weight and avoid putting your jewellery in touch with strong substances. Opals should never be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner. The vibrations can cause cracking.

When not in use, it’s a good idea to put your valuable jewellery in compact boxes or bags to keep it clean and protected from scratches. All of the jewellery you purchase from Opals Down Under comes in compact gift boxes that are ideal for this purpose. If stored for long periods of time, Opals should be stored with a damp cotton ball to avoid dehydration cracking.

Bridesmaids Black Opals Jewellery Style Tips

Dress Up and Sparkle Your Look with Our Jewellery Style Tips

Dressing up and selecting an accessory should always be enjoyable, and it should bring out the best in you. Follow the jewellery style tips listed above to avoid making blunders while getting ready for a special event or occasion in a hurry.

Don’t be concerned about these style recommendations; instead, relax and enjoy yourself. Wear it if you like it. It will show and make you pleased if you are enthusiastic about your style. Jewellery remains an important aspect of every outfit and says a lot about your style and personality.

Looking for the best selection of jewellery online? Get your piece today with Opals Down Under and make a statement with your matching outfit.