Why aren’t more celebrities wearing Opal?

Diamonds have been in the limelight for far too long.

Yes, large diamonds are beautiful, and certain pieces that feature several carats worth can look stunning, but to be honest, when you’ve seen one diamond you’ve seen them all (with the exception of truly unique pieces).

We want to see more celebrities embrace Australian Opal.  The problem we face is that the opal industry on a whole is still run by smaller groups in comparison to the might of diamond companies such as De Beers who have a considerable budget to promote diamonds.

Opals have been slightly seen in the media on celebrities, such as Nicole Kidman’s Crystal Opal earrings she wore, and an Andamooka Crystal Opal brooch that was famously given to Queen Elizabeth II, but apart from that, the gemstone is hardly seen in the media (compared to Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires etc).

Mid-way through last year, we did sell a pair of Doublet Opal and Pearl earrings that were given as a present to Meryl Streep while she was in Australia promoting Mama Mia, but we want to see more!

Just this morning I did a google search to see if I could find any sign of celebrities wearing opal, and the best results were of Rebecca Romjin and good ol’ Britney Spears wearing “opal necklaces” (which on closer inspection were actually Gilson or Synthetic Opal…not even CLOSE to the real stuff).  I think we can do better, folks.

So little is known by the general public about the different types of opal (with the majority of people thinking that you can only get White/Milky Opal), that we need celebrities of all types to embrace the stone…particularly all you Australian celebrities.

Australia has roughly 95% of the world’s opal stocks, as well as having the best opals in the world (Black Opal is actually one of the rarest gemstones you’ll find…making for 1% of that 95% that Aust. has).

So if you know of a celebrity, or are one yourself, wear an opal! We don’t care so much if it’s not from us (though that would be really, really good), just as long as you show off to the world how beautiful Australian Opal really is.

Contact us if you want, and we’ll have a chat.