Opals and White Metal

Picture this: opals and white metals teaming up to create a mesmerising fusion that’s been turning heads for the past year. And guess what? The trend of setting Opals in Sterling Silver has taken off, keeping us busy restocking our opal collection more than ever before.

While the classic charm of White Gold and Sterling Silver has always been in vogue, leaving Yellow Gold a bit in the shade, there’s more to the story. Could it be that the ‘financial crisis’ whispers are nudging folks towards the elegance of Sterling Silver settings? Mystery surrounds the exact trigger, but what’s crystal clear is that the allure of pairing opals – especially those decked out in lush greens, blues, and purples – with white metals is simply irresistible.

These opals and white metals are like long-lost buddies, creating magic together, especially when nestled in sleek, modern settings. It’s like a dance that draws you in for a closer look, revealing how opal’s vibrant hues blend seamlessly with the pristine charm of white metals.

As we dive into the captivating world of opals and white metals, we’re in for a treat watching this trend unfold. With each passing day, it’s like opening a surprise package, discovering new facets and charms that make this combo an absolute hit. So, keep your eyes peeled for the evolving story of opals and white metals, a story that’s shaping the jewellery scene in a whole new way.