Opals, with their mesmerising play of colours, have captured human imagination for centuries. However, lurking beneath their captivating beauty is an age-old belief that they bring bad luck. This superstition has cast a shadow on opals for years, but is there any truth to this notion, or is it simply a tale spun by time?

The Myth Unveiled

The notion that opals are bad luck can be traced back to the 19th century, a period when opals were associated with ill omens. This belief gained traction when Sir Walter Scott’s novel “Anne of Geierstein” was published in 1829. In the novel, an opal’s vibrant play of colours was portrayed as a bad omen, leading to the opal market crashing overnight. This fictional account wove itself into reality, sparking a superstitious fear of opals.

Shifting the Narrative

However, it’s essential to note that such superstitions are rooted in cultural beliefs and historical context. In many cultures, opals are revered as symbols of hope, love, and purity. Ancient Romans believed opals were a token of protection and foresight. In Arabic folklore, opals were thought to fall from the sky during thunderstorms, carrying the power of lightning and warding off evil. Indigenous Australians consider opals as sacred symbols of creation and inspiration.

Modern Reinterpretation

As time progressed, the once-feared opal has found its way into the hearts of countless individuals, irrespective of superstitions. In fact, the gemstone industry is on a mission to dispel these myths, highlighting the unique beauty and positive attributes of opals. Jewellery designers worldwide are incorporating opals into stunning creations, celebrating their kaleidoscopic charm without hesitation.

The Bottom Line

While superstitions might have once overshadowed opals, it’s crucial to approach them with an open mind. Just as cultures vary, so do beliefs. Today, many view opals as a source of joy, creativity, and inspiration. So, is it bad luck to wear opals? The answer lies in your personal perspective and beliefs.

For a deeper dive into the historical context of opal superstitions, you can refer to the Smithsonian’s Gem and Mineral Collection’s article on Opal Superstitions.

In the end, opals, like any other gemstone, hold the power to evoke emotions, tell stories, and leave a lasting impact – luck or no luck.

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