Opals bad luck? Nonsense!

After checking this week’s Google Analytics for our website (just to see who’s visiting the site, what country has the most interest, what stones people want etc etc.), I noticed something that we get asked quite often in the store, popping up in the searches.

Are Opals Bad Luck?

I could go into the whole history of this myth, but I will just quickly quote 2 paragraphs from our Learn section on the website which talks about the myths of opal:

“Some maintain that diamond merchants of the mid 19th and early 20th centuries saw the amazing attributes of opal and realised it was going to be a serious threat to their livelihood. When high quality Australian opal appeared on the market in the 1890’s, it is understood that diamond cartels actively spread the false rumour that opal was unlucky and seriously damaged the reputation of opals.

Opal, with its stunning play of colour, was increasing in popularity and could represent a threat to the lucrative diamond trade now that it was being mined commercially.

The story goes that jealous diamond traders spread the belief that opals are bad luck to protect themselves and give opals a bad reputation. Some of the rumours stuck and became the ‘old wives’ tales which are still repeated today. ”

So that’s one way of explaining it. If you want to learn more go to this section here – http://www.opalsdownunder.com.au/articles/luck.php