A good example of how a good setting can save your opal.

Some clients of ours, who have had rings made, had some sad news to report recently, when one of their rings (a man’s Boulder Opal ring) was lost while on a shopping trip. Quite distraught, they contacted us for advice for insurance.
A few days later, they contacted us to say that the ring was just handed in to the local police station, but the ring had been quite badly damaged.
Fearing the worst for the beautiful stone that was in it, we prepared to locate some replacement material (this was going to be difficult due to the colour spectrum and brightness of the stone).
To our surprise, after inspection, it appears the Boulder Opal has remained unscathed. The same cannot be said for the ring itself, which appears to have been RUN OVER by a car.
Have a look at the images in amazement…

This is a really good example as to how a protective setting, such as a bezel set (this one had an almost bullbar-like bezel on it – great for a man’s ring), can protect your opal. Imagine if this was in a claw setting?