New limited edition Agate jewellery

Our tagline at Opals Down Under is Take Another Look. Why? ¬†Because we’re always urging people to not only see what we see in Australian Opal, but also to change the perception that we’re just about Opals at our store.
Because, despite our name and love for opal, we do often have other fantastic, amazing pieces in our store.

The recent additions to our collection are provided by one of our very talented jewellers, who is responsible for the majority of our outstanding custom settings.

Custom Sterling Silver Agate Jewellery


These custom made Bright Sterling Silver and natural Agate pieces really do demand attention, are are something just a little out of the normal.
Funky, completely unique, and definitely requesting that you Take Another Look.

These pieces are not available on our website, but can be viewed in our physical store, or if you would like more information on these pieces, such as prices, dimensions etc, please email us directly at [email protected]