Hollywood’s Paying Attention After all

A few years back, we did an article on why aren’t there more celebrities wearing/endorsing Opal (in particular Australian Opal).

We’ve noticed a little change in attitude from the stars, and it would appear there are some clever, well-respected jewellers with the right connections, supplying famous women with amazing opal pieces, particularly to show off on the red carpet.

One such jeweller would be Irene Neuwirth.  Her collection is bold, brash, and still allows the gemstones (not just opal) do most of the talking.

She has a slew of celebrities wearing her pieces, but the ones we’ve noticed wearing opal are – 

Catherine Zeta Jones

Jenny McCarthy (looks like she adores Australia’s National Gemstone)

Julia-Louis Dreyfus 


Rashida Jones (star of movies like I Love You, Man)

Alyson Hannigan (How I Met Your Mother)

and more.

We’re loving this.

Please have a look at Irene Neuwirth’s collection as well.  Amazing.