Another success

We love seeing our stones go to a good home, and even more when the new owners show us what they have done with their new opals.

This particular stone, a stunning Black Opal featuring mouth-watering colours and a very cool Flagstone pattern was sold in mid 2010, with the customer planning to have it set into a protective Men’s Ring.

We loved the stone, so much so that we used it in some of our advertising.  We were so glad to see it go to someone who had been searching high and low for ‘the right stone’.

A few months down the track, and we received an email with an attached photo of the finished product.  Needless to say, we’re happy to see it nice and protected, and the owner loves his new piece.

Ring designed & created by Bill Plattes.

*The setting is copyrighted by BILL PLATTES, Saint Paul, Minnesota