8 Stylish Party Jewellery Ideas for Various Occasions this 2022

Parties and celebrations are an integral part of human civilisation and socialisation. It is a time to share your enthusiasm and joy with your folks or sometimes just go solo for a thrilling experience. Nowadays, people find reasons to call upon a party and get the heat off after a long week of hard work.

Although party wear dresses are an essential wardrobe component and no matter how pretty or expensive it is, it usually gets abandoned after one or two uses. Here is where jewellery comes to the rescue. You can uplift any look and add a little flavour to your most obsolete dresses with a pair of fashion jewellery for party wear.

On this blog, we have listed party jewellery ideas and the best jewellery pieces for various occasions that you will attend this 2022.

How to Gorgeously Wear Jewellery at a Party

Depending on the occasion, the accessories you wear with your outfit will vary. When attending a cocktail party or dinner party, the ladies often choose an evening dress that can vary in style depending on how formal the party is.

We have gathered some useful party jewellery ideas on how to best use jewellery to look great at your next gathering.

Match your necklace to wear with your neckline.

The rule of thumb when it comes to necklaces is that the length of them should be either shorter or longer than your neckline.

You don’t want it to end at the same place as the neckline of your dress, blouse or shirt. This is mostly because of how irritating it can be having to pull your necklace out of your clothing all the time since it will likely fall into your top or dress when you move around.

Wear long necklaces with high-necked tops and dresses.

A long dangling necklace can be a pretty statement piece that adds excitement to any party outfit. It tends to look best with high necklines, such as boat cut, or crew cut.

Therefore, it’s the perfect way to add an extra touch to an outfit with modest colours and no patterns. A pair of matching gemstone stud earrings, and rings if you like, will complete the look satisfactorily

Formal events call for glamorous but sophisticated jewellery.

For black-tie events, you will probably wear an evening gown or nice dress. This is a great time to use delicate and glamorous jewellery that adds luxury to your look. For example, a pair of gemstone drop earrings matched with a bold cocktail ring, necklace, or bracelet, will look wonderful on you, especially with your hair pulled back or in an up-do.

The drop earrings will compliment your jaw and the length of your neck, making you look even more elegant. Go for expensive-looking pieces, like earrings and necklaces with lab-grown diamond, emerald, sapphire, or opal stones.

Dress to impress with fashion jewellery.

At parties and gatherings where the key is “dress to impress” it’s fun to take the chance and use your favourite fashion jewellery. Go bold with big statement pieces that match your outfit and add glamour. One or two pieces could be enough if you’re wearing eye-catching jewellery.

Otherwise, feel free to accessorise in your way. The goal is to both feel and look amazing, and what better way is there to achieve that than by wearing your favourite, shiny jewellery?

Accessorise more on casual nights.

If you’re dressing up for a more casual occasion, like a night out at a cocktail bar that won’t make you flat broke, you can pick bold jewellery to stand out. A big statement necklace or several pieces is a must to get that party feeling going.

Colourful gemstones will catch people’s eyes and you can have fun matching the colours with your outfit – or add a completely new colour to an otherwise black and white outfit. The bigger the piece, the more attention it will draw. Don’t be afraid to wear chunky and sparkling pieces of jewellery on these nights.

Get Classy with a Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are another wardrobe staple that many women own and love to wear to special events. These are usually solid colours and pair perfectly with rhinestone jewellery.

A good rule to remember when wearing statement pieces is to not overdo it. This means that you should pick the piece you would like to wear and choose more subtle pieces to go with it.

Cocktail parties and black-tie events are rather formal and call for fine jewellery and clothing for guests to wear. This gives guests a great opportunity to wear jewels that are larger and bolder in colour.

Statement pieces are ideas for formal dresses that are most often a solid colour. Pairing a statement necklace or earrings with a long black dress is very classy.

Best Party Jewellery Ideas for All

Check out some of the best party jewellery ideas for women this 2022.

1. Wedding Party

Weddings in Australia are not just a celebration of love but also of traditions, relations and trendy fashion statements. From the bride to the guests, everyone is dressed in their best attire with large and bold accessories.

Traditional outfits and dazzling jewellery for wedding parties are the most chased after styles for any woman. While accessorising for weddings, go for a heavy yet stylish neckpiece with matching earrings to wear with your solid opal earrings.

Lightweight and compact wedding earrings are the most popular form of jewellery across the globe. They come in pairs and different shapes and sizes — from dangles, buttons, studs’ loops, and more. Just as its name implies, earrings are worn around different areas of the ear.

2. Farewell/Fresher Party:

Farewell, and freshers parties are the most exciting events in the life of a student. Although both events are part of school and university life, farewells are more of a formal affair while fresher’s parties are mostly a fun casual event.

For a chic farewell look, go for stylish yet subtle jewellery with your dress. You can go for a minimal necklace with earrings set or you can just add a pair of statement earrings to your farewell ensembles.

3. Office Party (Outside Working Hours)

Choosing the best jewellery for an office party can leave you in a pickle. It is a time to show how elegant you can be after a long time in monotonous formals. You need to look stylish while maintaining professionalism.

For a formal office party, go for a chic pearl and crystal necklace or a pair of opal stud earrings. If it’s an informal office party, you can pretty much wear anything that goes according to your outfit and place – like a pair of bold and elegant dangler earrings or a fancy bracelet.

Brooches are not only captivating. They are used to hold garments together, thus making them functional for office parties outside the working hours too. Some appear to be flowers, butterflies, or simply a combination of a large gem and some small ones.

4. Office Party (Inside Working Hours)

When women get dressed for work, it is recommended that the jewellery is subtler and on the conservative side. This means picking stud earrings, small necklaces, and dainty bracelets to wear.

This is because you don’t want to wear distracting jewellery. Because the party is held in the office (usually after working hours) it is recommended that you keep the jewellery to a minimum.

For example, if you are wearing a turtleneck, consider choosing a long necklace to pair with it. If the neckline is round, then choose rounded necklaces. For strapless tops, try on different length necklaces to determine which looks best for you.

5. Bachelorette Party

This is the most trendy and modern tradition among youngsters. The bridesmaids and brides-to-be spend some fun time before the actual wedding at some exotic holiday destination, a nice restaurant or club, pools, or just an indoor party. However, it does involve a lot of brainstorming for the best bachelorette look and accessorising for the occasion.

Go for light yet fun jewellery for a bachelorette party like a sapphire pendant or a fun statement necklace. Although it may also totally depend upon the outfit and location, bachelorette parties are still an informal occasion.

A statement necklace with a bold pendant will catch the eye. Necklaces can add a lot to an outfit and combined with the right dress or top they can be the centre of your entire look. When a piece stops beneath your collarbones will draw attention to your neck and collarbones area.

6. Beach Party

A Beach party is a lot more than just another random party occasion. Beaches are all about sun and fun and so should be your outfit. It is a cool way of washing off the stress of sedentary city life and losing yourself in the arms of nature.

For a beach party look, go for a lightweight and flowy summer dress and accessorise it with some cool light-shade opal jewellery. A colourful stone necklace or a seashell necklace also makes the perfect jewellery for a beach party.

7. Friendly Casual Parties

Family and friends usually get together for the holidays and like to get dressed up. This may include a cute dress, skirt, or pantsuit, but still on the casual side. For parties like this, have a little bit of fun and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

Try different things together to see what reactions you get from people around you. You never know, you might be the next person to set a new trend. Pendants, statement pieces, layered necklaces, bracelets, and cocktail rings are all appropriate pieces to pair with various outfits.

Long drop earrings that frame your face and highlight your jawline will work best with no necklace or just a discreet one. Drop earrings look great with short hair, hair that is tied up or hair tucked beneath the ears. You can choose the colour that makes your eye colour stand out.

8. Fitness Parties

Women can wear jewellery with every outfit, including a plain white tee-shirt and leggings for fitness parties. Jewellery can be as simple as stud earrings and a thin leather corded bracelet. This provides a very casual and laid-back look.

Nevertheless, jewellery has the power to dress an outfit up, as well as dress it down. You can never go wrong with jewellery. They add beauty to any outfit and transform it into something a lot more.

Do you want others to notice your outfit or the jewellery you are wearing while doing yoga or during Zumba classes? For example, if your outfit is bold with various colours and patterns, you would choose subtle and minimal jewellery so the two are not competing against each other.

Get Stylish Party Jewellery Ideas from Opals Down Under

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