Wow! Another great Black Opal parcel

You may have read earlier posts of rough Black Opal parcels we’ve had the pleasure of cutting and finishing off here at Opals Down Under.

Well, our miner mate gave us a fresh parcel to work with again.  From rough to finished pieces, there’s some truly breathtaking patterns appearing in these stones.  We kept getting lost in these stones.

Hmmm… we can see some colour in there…

Well, hello there, beautiful!

Would you look at that pattern! Roughly shaped, but we can tell this is going to be a stunning piece.

And this one’s looking very promising, too!

Now we’ve finalised the shapes, it’s time to clean them up.

And the finished products (you may notice an extra stone in there – the triangular piece was from the same parcel, but we had neglected to photograph it in its raw form).

Absolutely in love with the Harlequin pattern that is appearing in the large piece.