Opals Shapes: Traditional Oval Vs Freeform

The age-old debate rages on among opal enthusiasts and aficionados – what shape should opals take? Should they stick to the tried-and-true traditional ovals, or should they embrace the captivating allure of freeform shapes? Let’s delve into this artistic tussle.

The Classic Charm of Tradition

Traditionally, opals have been fashioned into classic oval shapes, sporting varying cabochons that range from low to medium to high domed tops. This is the quintessential opal look that most are familiar with.

Embracing the Freeform Revolution

Now, let’s fast forward to the Boulder Opal era. As this mesmerising variety gains admirers by the day, a fresh wave of opal enthusiasts is turning its gaze towards the intriguing world of freeform shapes. Boulder Opal takes centre stage, cut into these liberated shapes as opal cutters trace the opal’s natural seam, aiming to spotlight its best colours. This, however, may lead to a slightly higher cost per carat (just putting it simply). Boulder Opal breaks free from the cabochon norm, boasting an undulating, curvy, and bumpy surface that’s a true departure from the traditional.

 The Perks of Going Freeform

Freeform shapes come with their perks, especially for Boulder Opal. These stones are perfect companions for modern, contemporary settings, adding a dash of uniqueness that’s hard to resist. The charm of freeform lies in its adaptability to various design aesthetics.

 A Twist in the Tale

Wait, the story doesn’t end here. White, Crystal, and Black opals aren’t confined to the world of cabochon ovals either. Occasionally, these precious opals dare to break the mould, donning freeform shapes that might raise a few opal purists’ eyebrows.

All Opals Shine Bright

But in the grand scheme of things, the shape is but a canvas for opal’s brilliance to shine through. Be it the traditional ovals or the alluring freeform shapes, the real magic happens when opals are set just right. Each shape, when adorned with care, transforms into a breathtaking piece of art that captivates the beholder.

In the end, the shape debate boils down to personal preference. Whether you’re a traditionalist or a free spirit, we believe that opals, in any form, have the power to cast an enchanting spell when set with skill and passion.