M. Lomas

I’m so incredibly estatic I can barely contain it. My gorgeous ring arrived via registered post this morning. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this fantastic piece of jewelry. It feels like I’m wearing all of the colours of October on my finger. It’s got the deep reds, firey oranges, and bright yellows of the turning leaves, with the warmth of grass green. It also has the dusky shades of purple and deep blue which are October’s twilight colours. The security of the bezel setting and the durability of the Boulder Opal mean that I will now wear my birthstone daily. Please tell the jeweller that he/she did a marvelous job on the ring. It fits wonderfully with my wedding band, and the two rings look like they were made to go together on my finger. I’m in awe that this was managed without your ever having seen my wedding band. It is wonderful to see the myriad of colours that comprise my favourite season framed in such a beautiful ring. Opals Down Under has done it again. You have gone above and beyond my hopes and expectations, and delivered perfection. I will continue to sing your praises to all and sundry. Your customer service is among the best of any establishment I’ve patronised. Your value for money is also unparalled. Thank you so much, again.