J. Sabatino

A year ago I purchased a beautiful solid crystal opal from you guys, intending to get it set in an engagement ring. You said you would love to see it set. I am engaged now and well here is the result…The photo doesn’t do this ring justice, I have had so many compliments. The stone is set high so i can slip a wedding band underneath without having to get one to fit the shape of the ring. This is really good for me because when I’m at work and cannot wear my opal i can wear my wedding band without it looking an odd shape. I just wanted to say that I was so pleased with your service and that I would recommend you to anyone buying an opal or opal jewellery. Thank you so much for having such a beautiful range of opals. I think opals are the most beautiful gemstone and I thank you for selling them to people that love them just as much as me.