Types of Opal Necklaces

Opal necklaces come in various types, each with its unique charm:

  • White Opal Necklaces: Known for their subtle elegance, white opals exhibit a play of colors against a light background.
  • Black Opal Necklaces: Luxurious and rare, black opals showcase vivid colors against a dark body tone, creating a mesmerizing effect.
  • Boulder Opal Necklaces: Earthy and captivating, boulder opals feature natural ironstone host rock, providing a distinct backdrop for the play of colors.
  • Crystal Opal Necklaces: Elegant and transparent, crystal opals allow the play of colors to shine through a clear or slightly translucent body.

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Where to Find Opal Necklaces

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How to Identify Genuine Opal Necklaces

Ensure the authenticity of your opal necklace by considering the following:

  • Play of Colors: Genuine opals display a captivating play of colors. Look for vibrant flashes and patterns.
  • Transparency: Examine the opal’s transparency. Authentic opals, including crystal opals, have a genuine translucency.
  • Setting and Craftsmanship: Genuine opal necklaces are crafted with precision. Pay attention to the quality of the setting and the overall craftsmanship.
  • Purchase from Reputable Sellers: Choose trusted sellers with a reputation for offering genuine opals. Opals Down Under is committed to authenticity and quality.

Opal Fashion Trends

Stay in vogue with the latest opal fashion trends. Explore celebrity-inspired styles and emerging design motifs to keep your opal necklace collection on the cutting edge of elegance.

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