More news on new opal grading system

A little while back we mentioned there was talk of bringing a unified method of classifying opals into the industry.

Though a good idea in theory, we are still a little skeptical as to how this will be implemented and goverened.  The basic premise is that the opal will be graded similar to the method used for grading diamonds. Our main concern is the inconistencies within the industry (particularly with auction sites such as eBay) where opal retailers/distributors have a tendancy to ‘fluff’ out the grading of opals. 

For example, we see a lot of stones given a grading of 4/5 in terms of Brilliancy, yet they’re only in the high hundreds to a few thousand dollars for a stone.  In our opinion, stones with a Brilliancy of 4/5 or 5/5 would attract a much higher price tag than what is attached, and when compared to stones we currently have in stock (where we simplify the Brilliancy terms to subdued, bright and brilliant), they would come under a lower Brilliancy rating. 

This new grading system may help this, but how will it be goverened? 

Have a read of this article (courtesy of Jewellery World magazine) and see what you think.

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