Custom settings Vs Ready made – which is best for you?

It is a common hurdle faced by consumers – do you ‘settle’ for an item you see already in stock, or do you dare to be brave and have something designed especially for you?

We encounter this quite often in store.  Some customers look through our range, and fall instantly in love with a certain item. If it needs to be altered (most likely a ring due to its size), then that can be arranged.  Some customers just want to buy something on impulse, and though the like it now, they hope to be IN love with it as time goes on.

However, we do find the benefits of a custom setting CAN outweigh that of a ready-made piece.

Sometimes the opal used in the ready-made piece, while nice, may not ‘pop out’ or ‘speak’ to you. You may like the design, but just want something a little bit more from the stone.  Having a range of unset opals on hand as we do, it does help to give the customer a bit more of an intimate experience… they pick out a stone that ‘speaks’ to them.

Working out a design that appeals to you, but also complements the opal is also very beneficial. Using a little imagination, a little inspiration, and a little help from us, we can help you create the setting that says ‘You’.

Cost is also a great factor in the debate. Having something created for you CAN cost less than the ready-made item. (Keep in mind there are factors such as already made hand-made settings Vs Pre-Cast settings – with the pre-cast settings being cheaper to produce).

At the end of the day, it really comes down to what you want.  Are you wanting to take something home with you RIGHT NOW, or are you willing to take the plunge, be a little imaginative (and patient) and get something made just for you? It’s you call.