A new mesmerising stone…

In what appears to be a case of incredibly fortunate timing, we here at Opals Down Under have finished cutting and polishing an amazing Lightning Ridge Crystal Opal specimen, just in time to help us celebrate our 30th year!

Discovered at the Overburden (designated dumping grounds for opal rough) in Grawin (Lightning Ridge field), this amazing specimen was brought to us to clean-up, which we took great pleasure in doing so.

Though not a true Belemnite Opal (what the famous Virgin Rainbow is), we do believe this piece is a true show-stopper.  Just look at those juicy reds firing out of this stone!

Now on consignment, and on dispay in our showroom, you can come into the store and see it in its glory, or have a look at the piece online here.

You can also watch the cutting process of this phenomenal gem 


and here

and also, here.