Some special surprises for our 30th year

As you may know, we’re turning 30 this year! Thirty years supplying amazing opals and opal jewellery to all types of clients from all over the globe!

So, we thought we might celebrate with a few little surprises, leading up our actual anniversary in September/October.

First trick up our sleeve is the creation of a brand new celebration piece.  If you have been following our Facebook posts, you would have seen the new pendant we have had designed, and gradually assembled.

At this stage, there will only be the original pendant, which features 18k Yellow and White Gold, diamonds, emeralds, and a breath-taking Boulder Opal.  We will be, however be looking at using this design in Silver as well, but a more simplified version.

Which does lead on to the next surprise.
We’ll be changing a few things up with our marketing soon.  Not going to give too much away right now, but we can say that it does feel fresh, and exciting.  We can’t wait to share this with you!

-Team ODU