Custom Setting Deadline Christmas 2021

With Christmas fast approaching, we do need to start finalising any Custom Setting orders that may need to be fulfilled.  The end of the year becomes the busiest period, particularly when it comes to handmade jewellery items.

If you are needing custom pieces made, we ask that you finalise these by the following dates – 

For traditional/classic styles (generally those that involve a more delicate look, or utilise many accent stones such as diamonds), these can take between 5 to 7 weeks to complete, and we have been advised by this jeweller that orders need to be finalised by November 10th.

For modern/contemporary styles, these generally take 3 weeks to complete, so we will need to finalise any designs/orders by November 24th.

Please do note we cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas if orders come in after these deadlines.

As with our Custom Settings, we do require the opal to be ordered and paid for in full before we begin, with the setting not needing to be finalised until it has been completed.

For more information on custom settings, please click here.