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Opals Down Under News

Opals Down Under News

The latest news from your favourite opal shop.

Some special surprises for our 30th year

Wed 10 Jun, 2015

As you may know, we're turning 30 this year! Thirty years supplying amazing opals and opal jewellery to all types of clients from all over the globe!

So, we thought we might celebrate with a few little surprises, leading up our actual anniversary in September/October.

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Sydney experiences OPALessence (play.with.colour)

Thu 2 Apr, 2015

(Sourced from the article "OPALessence (play.with.colour)" from the JAA website. Original article located at

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It's our 30th Year!

Thu 12 Mar, 2015

Way back in 1985, a couple with plenty of opal knowledge, and a dream to have Australia's Gem Stone in everyone's home, started a store in the small suburb of Glenview, on the Sunshine Coast.

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Take a tour of our store online

Thu 27 Nov, 2014

Never been to our physical store, or can't get to us?  We now have a virtual tour up and running on Google Maps.

For the locals, we know a lot of you have 'passed us nearly every day, but have never stopped in' (we here this daily), so maybe have a little explore online, then come on in, as we're open 7 Days a week.

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A Special Offer on our Horizon Pendant

Thu 13 Nov, 2014

The festive season is upon us, and to celebrate, we here at ODU have decided to give you the opportunity to purchase one of our signature pieces - The Horizon Pendant - at a special price.

This pendant features a unique Boulder Opal carving, done here on site by our Opal Cutter Scott Coggan, and set into a handmade 18k Yellow Gold pendant.

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Deadline for 2014 Custom Settings

Tue 28 Oct, 2014

We love helping you create Custom Settings for that special someone (or even yourself), but just remember for Christmas deadlines, settings take between 2 to 3 weeks to complete, so for local orders the deadline will be December 5.
International orders for Custom Settings will be the last week of November.

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We love Custom designs

Thu 4 Sep, 2014

Yes, we're just showing off now...

This ring was designed and created for a client recently, and it features a gorgeous Black Opal in White Gold, with 19 Diamonds.

We love the assymetry of this design.  What do you think? Click here to see this custom ring.

Click here to see this stunning custom ring.

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Using Opal in Men's Rings

Thu 4 Sep, 2014

Here at ODU, we are always creating amazing custom settings for our clients; breathtaking pendants, earrings, dress rings, and of course, Engagement Rings, all featuring stunning Australian Opal cut here, on site.

One of the comments we do hear from time to time is 'Where are your Men's rings?'.

Good question.  

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Our New Display Case Is Impressive

Fri 11 Jul, 2014

We've had it for a few months now, but we still find it impressive...

Our new display area for amazing specimens we've collected, including Ammolite, different types of Amethyst, Citrine, Malachite, Lapis, Snow Quartz, Pyrite, Rainbow Hematite, and stacks of fossils.

See? We're not just all about opals here (even though they are our favourite).

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Signs that Opal Market is improving locally and internationally

Fri 13 Jun, 2014

Good news for the opal industry – it would seem that demand for Australian Opal is on the rise, both locally and internationally.

There has been a noted increase in opal buyer visits to Lightning Ridge (NSW), and reports that both exploration and mining activity is gaining momentum in the Black Opal fields too.

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