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The Virgin Rainbow Opal stirs up some interest

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The Virgin Rainbow Opal stirs up some interest

Wed 11 Feb, 2009

We've noticed that the ABC have screened the documentary series 'Opal Fever' lately (we actually have the DVD in our store, and quite often screen it). What is very interesting, though, is that towards the end of the series, the focus turns to a beautiful Black Crystal Opal Belemnite Fossil, which was given the name 'The Virgin Rainbow', and that has led to a huge spike in visits to the Opals Down Under website. Normally, the majority of visits come from the USA, however, this week, it seems a lot of Australians have caught a bit of Opal Fever themselves. For those who haven't seen the Virgin Rainbow yet, here it is... [caption id="attachment_15" align="alignnone" width="226" caption="The Virgin Rainbow, found in 2003 at Three Mile Fields in Coober Pedy"]The Virgin Rainbow, found in 2003 at Three Mile Fields in Coober Pedy[/caption]
Belinda says: Dear Opals down under How mucj do the rainbow braclets cost Love Belinda
Sun 22 Feb 2009
Nandi Breytenbach says: Good day! I am a jewellery design and manufacture student in South Africa. How do I get hold of a virgin rainbow Opal cab to set in my pieces, and what will it cost? Different prices for different sizes and qualities is expected, and a price list will be of great help! Thank you Nandi
Fri 30 Apr 2010
rhys says: Hi Nandi, The Virgin Rainbow is an individual, rare opal. It's actually a large piece of pipe opal or 'belamite'. This will not be cut into small cabochons. This is a very rare specimen valued in the high 6 figures. Opals Down Under actually does not own this stone. Unfortunately, due to previous bad experiences with South Africa Postal Service we no longer send items there.
Sun 16 May 2010