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Valentine's Day sneaks up again, & opal engagement rings are in demand

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Valentine's Day sneaks up again, & opal engagement rings are in demand

Fri 12 Feb, 2010

With only three days to go, Valentine's Day seems to have snuck up very quickly. This year we have been inundated with engagement ring enquiries, which is fantastic, but let me just state that here at ODU, we do not wholey endorse the use of opals in engagement rings, purely on the fact that they are a softer stone. With that out of the way, IF you use the right type of opal PLUS a protective bezel/rub-over setting then you could wind up with a spectacular, unique ring to impress that very special lady in your life. Here's a few rules/guidelines that we recommend you follow - 1. Boulder Opal makes for a better stone to use, purely because it is the most durable of the opals (due to the inclusion of the ironstone host rock). It also makes for much more unique/modern settings. 2. Don't go claw! I can't stress this enough. Claw settings, while traditionally excepted for diamond/sapphire/ruby etc settings, leave the opal way too vulnerable for knocking/cracking. Remember, Opal has roughly the same consistency as glass, so you can't treat it the same way as diamonds. Claw settings make for great Cocktail/Dress rings, but as an every day ring, which an engagement ring is, they're no good. Stick to the bezel/rub-over settings which act as a buffer for the stone. 3. Keep in mind with the engagement ring, the shape/design of it and it's compatibility with the wedding band. You may want to have a custom-made wedding band designed at the same time, to sit flush with the engagement ring. 4. Blues/Greens/Purples really tend to 'pop' in White Gold Settings, whereas stones with more orange/red/yellow in them look fantastic in Yellow Gold. Remember, these are just guidelines, and ultimately it will come down to a personal preference, but please take these into consideration.