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Opals Down Under News

Opals Down Under News

The latest news from your favourite opal shop.

Opals feature at the 2014 AGTA Spectrum Awards

Tue 8 Apr, 2014

It was great to see Opals feature heavily at this years AGTA (American Gem Trade Assoction) Spectrum Awards.  This annual competition draws attention to the best designs using naturally coloured gemstones and cultured pearls.

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Now stocking Renee Blackwell's line of handcrafted silver jewellery

Tue 4 Feb, 2014

Believe. Design. Create.  These are the words that jeweller Renee Blackwell adheres to when building her amazing pieces of jewellery.

Opals Down Under are proud to stock Renee's range of Pendants and Earrings in Sterling Silver, all featuring unique vintage and antique buttons from around the world.

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Fire Opal - a confusing terminology

Thu 23 Jan, 2014

Fire Opal.

It is a term that is quite commonly used and heard in our store. Not by the staff, mind you.
The meaning of Fire Opal is often confusing, with each customer having different perspectives. Is it only referring to red tones? Isn’t it to do with brightness? Australian Opal is Fire Opal, right?

So let’s clear a few things up –

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New limited edition Agate jewellery

Wed 16 Oct, 2013

Our tagline at Opals Down Under is Take Another Look. Why?  Because we're always urging people to not only see what we see in Australian Opal, but also to change the perception that we're just about Opals at our store.
Because, despite our name and love for opal, we do often have other fantastic, amazing pieces in our store.

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Hollywood's Paying Attention After all

Wed 19 Jun, 2013

A few years back, we did an article on why aren't there more celebrities wearing/endorsing Opal (in particular Australian Opal).

We've noticed a little change in attitude from the stars, and it would appear there are some clever, well-respected jewellers with the right connections, supplying famous women with amazing opal pieces, particularly to show off on the red carpet.

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A little help on opal settings

Tue 7 May, 2013


Every day we have people come into the store, ring us up, or email us with questions on the limitations of setting opal, and what can and can’t be done.

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Friendly forces come together for great cause

Thu 21 Feb, 2013

Hinterland business, Opals Down Under (ODU) joined forces with charity group Friends of Ebenezer on Saturday February 9 for a Twilight Fundraiser on ODU’s Glenview premises, raising much-needed funds to help children in Zambia, one of the countries most affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

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Opal inlays?

Thu 21 Feb, 2013

If you've been researching opal rings, then no doubt you would have come across a very stylish, sleek-looking type of ring - the Inlay Ring.

They look amazing, we cannot dispute this, however, we would like to point out that lately in the workshop, it seems that they are the only items we've been having to repair.

Not from our own stock, mind you.

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ODU's Twilight Fundraiser - in aid of Friends of Ebenezer

Wed 9 Jan, 2013

Opals Down Under will be playing host when they launch the event, Twilight Fundraiser on February 9th, 2013 on our Ballantyne Court premises in Glenview (Qld).

The event, in aid of Friends of Ebenezer (Helping children in Africa) will be held from 5pm.

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The Never-ending Battle - Natural Opal vs Synthetic

Thu 22 Nov, 2012

Here at Opals Down Under, we do often see customers come in wanting 'real' Australian Opal, nothing synthetic.  Occasionally, they have confused Triplets and Doublets (which contain slivers of solid opal) with lab-created opal.

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