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Happy Easter..and Pick of the Week

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Happy Easter..and Pick of the Week

Fri 10 Apr, 2009

Wow! 2 blogs for the price of 1! Opals Down Under would like to wish their clients, friends and followers a very happy and safe Easter Break. Now for the fun part - choosing this week's pick. This week,  I'm going to show you the same opal that I use to demonstrate higher quality Black Opal.  This particular stone is truly stunning.  I sometimes let people have a hold (without telling them the price of the stone - AU$60,000) and tell them that with high quality opal you can "see into the stone", not just the colour over the top.  The depth of the colours in this stone still astound me. However, the best trick this stone does is, when you place it in a darkened corner, the colours really come to life and the stone looks like it has its own light-source inside.  It glows! One of our best stones in the store.  I dare say you'd agree. [caption id="attachment_76" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Has a lot of orange fire underneath the greens and blues."]Has a lot of orange fire underneath the greens and blues.[/caption]